Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just Touching Base

Eek.  Since I have people who seem to actually be reading this, I should probably put an update. I don't have much to say, mind you.  I had a nice, quiet Christmas break that I enjoyed very much and am getting ready to go back to work tomorrow.  That won't be so bad. 

In the writing world, I'm plugging along as normal.  I'm waiting for the first edits back of QUEEN OF THE SYLPHS, seeing what's happening with her two sequels, and just hit the 74k word mark for book six in the series, which has the very boring working title of DOOR TO THE SYLPHS.  Not sure how long that one will be, but it's either going to be the longest book in the series or be split into book six and seven.  Don't know at this point.  I don't usually know where I'm going with a novel during the first draft anyway.

Once I finish that book, I'm going to write something in another universe.  I have several to pick from, so it's just a matter of seeing which one sucks me in more when the time comes.