Saturday, October 13, 2012

Red Hot Review

A while ago, I was asked to write a blog entry for Red Hot Books on a book I'd recommend. It was intriguing, since blogs usually ask me about my own books, not other people's. I had fun writing it though and if you want to see what book I recommended, then the link to the article is here.

What's up in writing news...? Wrote a story including the winged woman from my last post and three mighty *coughyeahrightcough* warriors. Now I think I'm going to go work on CALLED for a while. Or go to sleep, I'm still deciding.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Three sets of wings make sense, right?

I created a digital painting the other day. I really like the way it turned out. Enough that I think I need to write a story on who this woman is. I'm curious as to what she has to tell me.  :)

In writing/publishing news, I've heard a little bit more on what's going on, but not as much as I want to. I asked the Amazon team a bunch of questions, most of which they've answered. The one big one they didn't is whether someone can download ebooks on a platform other than kindle.

Here's a bit of what they sent me, trimmed off all the irrelevant/personal stuff.

We are currently collecting materials and do not have a schedule for when titles will be released in ebook for Kindle or paperback. We do not currently have plans to make changes to the interior or cover of previously published books. International distribution will be based on your contract, amended contracts will be sent out shortly.

Your books will be available for mass distribution through Ingram and Baker & Taylor.  Any bookstore or outlet that has access to ordering through these channels can stock your books.  Also, our dedicated sales force at Brilliance leverages their contacts to get titles into stores and distributes for us as well. We are always looking for ways to improve and we are always working to increase our physical distribution.

In writing news, CALLED is up to about 64,000 words. I took a bit of a break from it to write a short story about a superhero who's down on his luck. Not a lot of creativity going on, sadly. Its been crazy busy at work and I'm mostly too tired to do anything but watch episodes of Supernatural when I get home. I have the entire long weekend off, however, so hopefully that'll help recharge the old mental batteries.