Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Kingdom for a Font!

Well, not really, but I would like some....

I'm getting ready to start writing THE LONELY SYLPH. Tossing ideas around, playing with characters, and spending way too much time deciding on a font to use.

I'm a bit of a font lover. I edit in Times New Roman to make it easier when I'm flipping manuscripts back and force with the editors, but when I'm typing the first draft, I like to do it in a new, funky font. Something that looks handwritten but still readable. I wrote THE BATTLE SYLPH in Comic Sans, I believe. I wrote a bunch of the others in Morning Limerick. But I'm getting tired of them. I want to use a new font.

There are a lot of free fonts out there, but the problem is finding ones that include an italic (or oblique) version. I'd love to write my next book in Jellyka or Noteworthy, but they don't have italic versions, which is really awkward when I write sylph speak in italics.

By any chance, are any of you out there font lovers who know a site that has free brushstroke or handwriting style fonts that come in regular and italic? I'm not having any luck searching.

I guess I'll go back to researching medieval sailing vessels. That's being a pain too. :)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Look out! Looks like The Sylph Hunter might be heading our way

I didn't realize until I came on tonight that I hadn't posted for a while. Oops. Sorry about that, just life getting in the way, I guess.

I have some news. Nothing confirmed of course, as I haven't signed anything yet, but Amazon wants to buy THE SYLPH HUNTER. This is good news in my mind, of course, and my agent is trying to make it even better news as she's hoping to turn it into a three book deal. Which would mean WAR OF THE SYLPHS being released too, as well as a third book.

I've spent the last few days tossing around ideas for that third book (sixth in the series). I'm starting to get an idea of who's in it and what they're up to. It's set somewhere we've been before, if not spent a massive amount of time in, and it will have romance. I think someone might hurt me if it didn't. :p It also features one particular character readers met in ALPHABET SOUP FOR SYLPHS.

I don't promise that I'll get the three book deal as that would just be jinxing myself, but it is looking good at least for THE SYLPH HUNTER and I'm starting to get enough plot worms wiggling for the next book that I may just end up writing it regardless.

Its working title, by the way, is THE LONELY SYLPH.

Here, have a painting. I don't know who this is, but hopefully he'll introduce himself to me and tell me his story. :)