Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Kingdom for a Font!

Well, not really, but I would like some....

I'm getting ready to start writing THE LONELY SYLPH. Tossing ideas around, playing with characters, and spending way too much time deciding on a font to use.

I'm a bit of a font lover. I edit in Times New Roman to make it easier when I'm flipping manuscripts back and force with the editors, but when I'm typing the first draft, I like to do it in a new, funky font. Something that looks handwritten but still readable. I wrote THE BATTLE SYLPH in Comic Sans, I believe. I wrote a bunch of the others in Morning Limerick. But I'm getting tired of them. I want to use a new font.

There are a lot of free fonts out there, but the problem is finding ones that include an italic (or oblique) version. I'd love to write my next book in Jellyka or Noteworthy, but they don't have italic versions, which is really awkward when I write sylph speak in italics.

By any chance, are any of you out there font lovers who know a site that has free brushstroke or handwriting style fonts that come in regular and italic? I'm not having any luck searching.

I guess I'll go back to researching medieval sailing vessels. That's being a pain too. :)


  1. Tons of them on this site! Yup, I love them too. http://1001freefonts.com/calligraphy-fonts.php

  2. Well, and I found this page on the same sight. You've probably already tried these, but maybe not.


  3. That's great love your books.Any news on when the next book will be out can't wait lol

  4. Thank you everyone! I found a font! Woohoo!

  5. Any idea where I can buy the books, I have only part one and two...

  6. Hello. I just finished reading the Battle Sylph and I really enjoyed it. I was excited to learn that there were more books, and then surprised to find out that you were having trouble finding a good publisher. Out of curiosity, have you considered using Kickstarter? In case you don't know, the way it works is that you would find someone to print the books and discuss how much it would cost for an initial run, put that up as your goal, and then generally the people who donate a certain amount get a copy of the book. Essentially they are buying before hand so that you can cover the cost. If you don't get enough to pay for it no one gets charged. It's just a suggestion, and I really hope to see more of your books soon.

    1. I've heard of kickstarter. I never thought of using it for something like this. It's honestly not something I'm interested in doing. I enjoy writing, but that sounds like such a phenomenal amount of work to do. If I went the self publishing route it'd be through Smashwords, which is enough work on its own. thanks for the suggestion though.