Friday, November 28, 2014

3 Seas’ Inaugural Joint Author Promotion!

Hey, everyone! If you're looking for a chance to win something before Christmas, 3 Seas (my agents) are running a contest starting next Monday 1 December and running through Friday 5 December. The way it works is, (from my limited drugged-up-on-cold-medication understanding) go to their Facebook site anytime that week and see all the author sites who are participating. Each of them will have a recipe they love posted that will hopefully be less random than mine.

Go to all the different sites, collect delicious recipes, and "earn" raffle entries for the prizes. The more sites you visit, the more raffle entires you get. I'm not sure how that's counted. You think I understand computers? Not really.

The prizes are:

1)      Grand Prize:  A $300 gift card for Amazon, B&N or iTunes – winner's choice
2)      Sample boxes of current releases from participating authors

Not too bad. So come back and see my recipe offering on the 1st and good luck winning the prize.

(Their Facebook URL in case I messed up embedding the URL:

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Has it really been that long since I posted? Wow. Even for me, that's almost impressive, in a sadly pathetic sort of way.

I'm sorry about that. I doubt anyone's sitting around with bated breath for me to say anything, but I didn't really mean to keep quiet this long. It's the introvert in me. I'm not the best around at the social interaction thing and if I don't have anything concrete to say, I don't seem to say much of anything.

I will have something for Dec 1. Not writing news, I'm afraid. My agent's running a 3 Seas Inaugural Joint Author Promotion where we'll all post recipes. Mine should be somewhat frightening, given as I can't actually cook. >.>