Tuesday, February 16, 2010

News and Reviews

Well, it’s almost the release date for my first book. I had meant to have more blog entries in the past while, but I was having issues with my computer. It didn’t want me to save anything for this site without crashing, but the problem is fixed now.

I’ve been receiving a lot of good press about the book. Apparently, Dorchester sent out a 125 early copies to reviews and websites, and everyone seems to like it. At least everyone I’ve heard about. It’s a tremendously affirming feeling to have my work be genuinely liked. Romantic Times has given it four and a half stars, as has the Blogpushers Blog. It’s going to be talked about in a German magazine and featured at the RT Clubhouse’s Debut Corner.

The reviews themselves I’ll put on my Reviews page. I’m starting to get really excited!

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