Monday, March 8, 2010

Roving Readers is featuring me

I was contacted last week by the very nice people who run the RAVING READERS blogspot, which is apparently the place to go to get reviews of romance and paranormal novels and find recommendations.  They also have contests where people can win free books, which always strikes me as a good thing to be getting.

They’ve just started a new feature where they focus on a single author for a week, and they asked me if I wanted to join in.  I’m not a complete idiot, so for this entire week, you can go to their site and read reviews, see an interview with me,  get sneak previews of the prologues of my first three books and even a hint of other books beyond them.  Best of all, you get a chance to win one of six copies of THE BATTLE SYLPH up for grabs. 

The page that’s focused on me is located here.  The rest of the site is worth visiting though, so I certainly don’t mind plugging them one bit.  Not that they asked.  I just like them.  :)

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