Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I don't post to this page nearly often enough. I know I'm an author, but that doesn't mean I can ever think of what to say.

I do have some news, which I've been putting off saying much about because I honestly don't know all that much yet. I guess I can't really keep doing that though.

As some of you may know, Dorchester has changed their publishing format to one where they're going to release all their books as E-books and then, after about six months, release them as trade on a print-on-demand basis. This includes THE QUEEN OF THE SYLPHS and A MIDWINTER FANTASY. Right now, I don't know how this will affect the release dates for both books, but I do know I haven't receive the edit proofs for QUEEN yet (we fire them back and forth doing editing and scene rewrites about five times). So I don't know what will happen or when anything will actually appear for people to read.

I'm not going to get into how I feel about all of this because at the moment, I honestly don't know and likely no one would be interested anyway. I think I'm just in a holding pattern waiting to see, like a lot of Dorchester's other authors.


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I am so deeply in love with your stories that I will be doing whatever I can (legally!) to read them... including getting an ereader.


  2. Same as the above commenter I'm just letting you know that I adore your books and will read them no matter what! It is sad what Dorchester have done, but I will probably end up buying both the ebook and the trade. Can't wait to read THE QUEEN OF THE SYLPHS!! Are you planning on writing more in this series after QUEEN?

  3. Eek, comments! Sorry, I didn't get notified and I'm having trouble logging in as me for some reason...

    Thanks to you both :) and in answer to Stephanie's question, I've already written more in this series. I was about to sign a new two book contract when this happened. I'm writing book six, which looks like it will flow into at least book seven, if not book eight. Not sure yet.

  4. The Battle Sylph and The Shattered Sylph are two of my favorite books in the past two years. I found the first book by accident and since then, have told everyone about the series. I think your publishers are crazy for not doing everything possible to get The Queen of the Sylphs out to the bookstores as quickly as possible. It frustrates me to no end when medicore books get all the publicity while superb books like yours don't get the recognition they deserve (except in the form of the high ratings).

  5. Thanks, Michelle. I appreciate it. I feel much the same way. I gather it's not the people at Dorchester bringing this change but their stockholders.

  6. Okey, I don't know why I'm writing this - you know, I'm from Poland and I readed your books and I'm really in love with them.
    I have great hope that one day they be translated to polish. I just know that they will be loved in my country :) Books ofSylf series are really great, and they recalled me why I loved fantasy in first turn.
    I can't wait to Queen of the Sylphs.
    Please - ignore my mistakes in this post, I've learned english on my own and it's why it's not so good :/

  7. I'd love to see it translated into Polish. German is the only language it's being translated into now, as far as I know.