Wednesday, April 13, 2011


In case anyone's noticed, the site's undergoing a lot of changes.  A friend's helping me turn it into something more easily updatable and customizable than my old site.

In writing news, I'm 70,000 words into the first draft of THE HOMUNCULUS.  20-30k left to go, then on to book three.  I haven't sold the series yet.

Also, I stuck a new artwork in the new My Artwork page.


  1. I just finished The Battle Sylph and LOVED it! =) I am planning on moving on to The Shattered Sylph very soon, but I was wondering if there was any plans to create a sequel on Solie and Heyou's story? Also I have a quick question about queen's and their hive. You lightly touch on the fact that Sylphs were hatched. Can Sylph's reproduce with humans? Or is this going to be soon addressed in future books? Well thats all, I love your work and am super excited to read the future stories ahead. Thanks!

  2. I come back to Solie and Heyou in book three of the series, THE QUEEN OF THE SYLPHS. And the subject of humans and sylphs reproducing together comes up in A MIDWINTER FANTASY.

    I'm glad you like my writing. :)

  3. Battle Sylph was fantastic. I really like the elements of fantasy mixed in with romance. Nice world building.
    Any news about finding a pub for the books 5 &6?
    Also, when will book (the one after queen of sylphs)? 4 be published

  4. Thanks, BerryCabal.

    So far I don't have a publisher for books 4&5. 6 is currently on indefinite hold as I reevaluate the plot.

    Only the first three are definitely coming out. Last I heard the release for three was in the fall.

  5. I'm with the other 2 people! I LOVED Battle Sylph and am current half way through Shattered Sylph (and Loving it just as much, if not more!)

    What I love is that it is unlike any other romance novels I have read before, other authors tend to stream along the same story lines but you are so unique in your story telling!

    I am a HUGE fan of fantasy novels and you really just make it an amazing and addictive read for me! Please dont stop! :)