Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Update

I've passed 90,000 words in The Homunculus.  That's 10,000 words since my last post on 6 May, which is 17 days, which is an average of 588 words a day.

Wow, that sucks....

This book has been like pulling teeth.  I'm enjoying the way it's turning out, but hoo, man, it's been fighting me!  The Battle Sylph took me a month to write.  I have no idea why (but I wish that always happened).  Each successive Sylph book took longer to finish, to the point where book 4 took 9 months to write (book 4 does take place before book 5, but I wrote book 5 first).

I actually started writing The Homunculus on 1 Feb 2010.  It REALLY fought me then until I had to put it aside for about 6 months or so until I figured out how to rework the plot.  Good thing I didn't have a contract for it (still don't) as that would have really made me nervous.

My all time record for writing a book is for one called Hunting the Rapture.  It's up at about a dozen houses right now for sale.  It's 511 typed pages, over 200,000 words, and took me four years to write.  That one was written back when I wrote everything out longhand.... took years to get me to actually type stuff straight into a computer, so I don't think that record will be broken....I hope.


  1. it doesnt seem like its reached writers block yet! so keep that chin up! I wish I could do what you do. I know (and hope) that you write because you enjoy it!! But fortunately enough for me and many many others what you enjoy also brings me joy!
    Yay books!

  2. Oh, I very much write because I enjoy it. :) I edit and reedit and reedit some more because I have to. :) But writing is something I love.