Saturday, June 11, 2011

Plugging Along or: My muse is weird

As I've mentioned before, THE HOMUNCULUS, book two of my Cuckoo series, took forever to write.  I started it in March of 2010 and didn't finish the first draft until May of this year.  I think it's a pretty good book (I haven't actually read it yet.  I don't read my work as I'm initially writing it.  Kills my creativity for some reason) but it was like pulling teeth to get it.

Two days after that one was finished, I started typing book three of the series, THE REVENANT, where inspiration proves yet again that she's a fickle , as it's day 13 after I started and I've written just over 17,000 words and am on Chapter Five.  And this is after I discovered some sort of massive bug with the new version of the word processing software I was using meant it wasn't actually saving anything and I lost 5000 words.  That was a bad day when I figured that one out.

The is the sort of inspiration that I want, obviously.  I much prefer to spew out a book than to fight with it.  I don't know why this book is coming out so easily while the last one was a reluctant mule about it (book one, THE CUCKOO, came out at a decent speed, taking me four months for the first draft).  It must be something about how it was a middle of the series book.  I don't know for sure.  Most of the Sylph books took progressively longer to write.  Book four, HUNTER OF THE SYLPHS (which is still looking for a home and may just have one soon), took what seemed forever and was another molasses book, beat only by, what a surprise, THE HOMUNCULUS.

At least it's done now.  Until the rewrite, anyway.

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