Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hi everyone. Long time no type. I do have some things to actually blog about for once.

Thanks to this site, I've made a new friend named Megan, who loves my books and is now helping me promote them. This is awesome since I hate with an overriding passion am not very good at promoting myself. To that end, she's set up an actual author site for me on Facebook as well as a Twitter site. Anything I type into the Facebook wall will apparently go straight to Twitter. Once we figure out how, I'll have it linked here and maybe even figure out how to set it up so my blog posts appear on the Facebook page.

In other words, I've cracked the 90,000 word mark on a novel I'm writing as a prelude to another few books I have that I'm hoping to sell to Del Rey. It's called FINDING THE CHOSEN and I really hope it gets picked up.

I've also got someone - maybe - looking at picking up books 4 and 5 of the Sylph series.


  1. O that is great news! So, what is your Twitter name so I can start following you? ?I don't do facebook yet, but I do like Twitter since a few weeks.

  2. I just followed you on Twitter! @LJMcDonald1

  3. Soooooooooo Glad the Sylph books maybe picked up!! Will keep fingers crossed!! Love them!!

  4. Love your series and characters. You're definitely one of my favorite writers. Happy writing

  5. Thanks for the comments. And yes, I'm LJMcDonald1. I guess I really should have said something about that, shouldn't I? Oops.