Monday, March 19, 2012

More on the whole Dorchester thing and me

I've been reading all the comments people have been making and I appreciate the support. I've reread what I posted and I feel the need to clarify a few things.

I have received some payment for the books from Dorchester. That said, they haven't paid everything that they owe me and what payments I've received have always been late. So they've been in violation of contract since I started. Also, they decided to stop printing paperbacks after I signed, which they were able to get away with due to the legal wording in my contract. I'm not happy that my books are in trade, since it's so much more expensive and I get fewer sales.

As for the idea of my publishing the Sylph books independently, I'd rather not. I could, but I do like having the backing of a publisher. That said, I suppose I could. Someone pointed out the existence of a publishing service given by Amazon to me, so if all else fails, I likely could release them myself. That comes at a cost to me, with no idea if anyone will actually buy them. However, I'm really hoping to get with another house instead, for all sorts of reasons. Not the least of which is, if I'm with another house, I can more easily get all the rest of my work published.

Last note is, I will give the whole self-publishing thing a test run. I will put out Lord of Winter as an Epub. I haven't had much luck finding an artist due to the whole too shy to ask anyone issue and too cheap to pay much, so I'm working on a picture for the cover myself. Gah. I'll post it for comments once it's done more.


  1. Whatever you decide to do, please please please post it on this website. I will buy any sylph books you publish if I know you've published them. Do you have a newsletter?

    1. I do, in theory. I've never actually used it. It's linked on the front page. I plan to use it to announce new books and such.

  2. I'm hoping that your lawyer will be able to get rights to the sylph books *and* your money.
    I'm glad you'll be doing a trial run on the self-publishing. Smart.
    Will you be posting a blurb or excerpt on Lord of Winter? It would help with comments on the, I just want to know. :-)

  3. Your Sylph books remain one of my absolute favorite books. Please don't let this Dorchester stuff discourage you!