Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hey, all. I figured I hadn't said anything on here for a few days, so I'm due.

My book THE OMEGA is progressing. I've mentioned before this entire series is like pulling teeth, but it's flowing well enough at the moment. No, I haven't sold it yet. I still pretty much just write to write, though it would be nice to get a contract for something before I finish it. Nice and somewhat terrifying.

"The Lord of Winter" is still in the works. I'm in the edit process. I'm also debating how much to put it up for. It's only about 10,000 words, which is less than I'd originally been thinking it was, but oh well. I was thinking $2.99 before I did the word count, but now I'm not sure if people would think that was too expensive.

In Dorchester news, nothing solid yet, but some movement on that front maybe might have been made. I don't know yet, and this vagueness is all I'm going to say about it. :p I promised.

Other than that, I've been painting and working, and going slowly out of my mind waiting for the movie The Avengers to come out. I'm a total action movie junkie.

I also finished Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood tonight. Woot!

Have a painting.


  1. Cool painting and keeping fingers crossed about Dorchester!

  2. Love the painting, keeping fingers crossed about Dorchester and I would pay 2.99 for The Lord of Winter. I have an interesting article about .99 (DO NOT DO THAT!) I need to email you. Looking forward to your next release!

  3. For me, it's all about what an author packs into the book. Word count means nothing to this fan. I'll be buying it for $2.99. I'm glad the situation with Dorchester maybe might be moving towards a resolution for you. And, as a fan...Free the sylphs! Free the sylphs! :-)