Thursday, December 20, 2012

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Well, I hope everyone is having a good holiday season and getting to do whatever it is they want to do. I'm on vacation until the new year, so I'm getting some writing and art and the like done. It's nice.

I have some news to give. Apparently people have been asking me questions on my Facebook page without Facebook managing to tell me (and I'm famous for forgetting the site exists, which means I don't check it), so I'm answering some of those now. For those who have asked me questions in the past without my answering, I'm sorry about that. It wasn't intentional. I never mean to not answer someone. I just get easily distracted....

Amazon is going to rerelease the first three books in the Sylph series in the new year. I don't have an exact date, but I know the covers will be the same. They'll just be under the Amazon imprint. They'll also be released as paperbacks that you can buy in actual bookstores or order online, so that's a huge step up from what Dorchester did at the end with the uber expensive trades. This includes book three, QUEEN OF THE SYLPHS, which I know a lot of you weren't able to get hold of.

On the subject of e-books, I don't know that they'll be released as anything other than kindle versions. I haven't been able to get an answer on that, so it's not looking so good. Alas.

A couple of people asked about books four and five on Facebook. They're listed on and actually have ratings (don't ask me how), but there's no picture or description or whatnot.  For those of you who don't know, those books exist. I wrote them quite a while ago but didn't sell them to Dorchester because I wasn't happy with how Dorchester treated QUEEN. I mentioned them in a blog entry once and someone put them on Goodreads. They're not an illusion or a tease, promise.

In the good news, Amazon is actively reading book 4, THE SYLPH HUNTER. I have hopeful expectations that they'll buy it and later on, buy book 5, WAR OF THE SYLPHS as well. It just takes insane amounts of time for this sort of thing to happen.

Amazon is also looking at one of my other fantasy series, HUNTING THE RAPTURE, for their fantasy imprint. I've also got Del Rey looking at that one, so I'm hoping someone picks it up (for the sake of politeness, I won't say which company I'd prefer....)

That's all I've got happening publication-wise for the moment. I've been considering releasing a book of short stories onto Smashwords, but someone who shall remain nameless has been talking me out of it, so that's still in the pondering stages. I'm also past the 85,000 word count mark in writing my book CALLED.

Here, have a painting.

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