Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My website's fixed

Yay, I figured it out, so it's not longer saying that Midwinter still is coming out at Christmas or that Queen is releasing in March.  Sorry for everyone who was misled by that.  I'm pondering doing an overhaul of the site's entire look, but I primarily want to use this blog for updating and make the other site as simple as possible.

I've also added a little widget thing at the bottom of each entry so people can click to give their thoughts on whatever I put out there.  I thought it was kind of cute, though I may end up regretting adding the WTF? option....


  1. Thanks for clearing up the dates:) And by the way, I LOVE the little WTF widget thing, lol...

  2. Thanks. It only came with the first three, so I figured it needed something. :)

  3. Where's your website? I wish you link it here. Your artwork and writing look awesome. You should make sure that your website is updated and free of glitches so that the sales keep coming in. =)

    Cambria Ludwig