Thursday, March 3, 2011

Where I am

Barbaranramos commented on one of my posts about being happy to hear I'm writing book six of the Sylph series.  I should give an update on all of that.

Books four and five of the Sylph series are written and edited.  Dorchester gave me a contract to buy them back in September, but I turned it down.  Much as I love my editor there, I'm not happy at their new publishing direction towards E-books only, followed by expensive trades.   My agent is looking for a different house to publish them instead, who'll release them in paperback as well as e-format.  Dorchester still owns the rights to the first three books though, and it's hard to sell the second half of a series to a publishing house when they can't get control of the first half.

So, THE SYLPH HUNTER and WAR OF THE SYLPHS aren't coming out anytime soon that I know of.  DOOR TO THE SYLPHS is on hold for a couple of reasons.  One is because it's coming out more as straight fantasy than romantic fantasy and another is because I'm not happy with it and have it in the mental simmer pot.  The third reason is because I'm writing something else.

My agent, who is awesome, has two finished books of mine in her hands.  HUNTING THE RAPTURE is straight fantasy and THE CLIFFS OF SHAKIRI is sci-fi young adult.  Neither are romantic fantasy.  I don't think of myself specifically as a romantic fantasy author, to be honest.  But I do have a series that does have it as part of the storyline and is actually quite a bit steamier than the Sylph books, I think.

THE CUCKOO is written and has gone through a first edit and is in my agent's hands.  I'm halfway through writing THE HOMUNCULUS and will follow it up with THE REVENANT.  I'm hoping to sell all three at once and get the first drafts written so that I can edit them as a whole.  Completely different universe from the Sylphs, different characters, different everything.  Still fantasy, though.

So that's where I am, along with working a full time job that's getting a little crazy right now.  I'm writing, but the release of the books themselves is completely out of my hands.  I'm just trying to get through them and find a reliable beta reader.  And fix the website.  I know it's kinda outdated.  I'm having problems logging in.  Sorry.

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  1. Hi L.J!!

    I was looking up the release date for Queen of the sylphs and I came across a previous blog post where you said it comes out in March 2011, then I realized we are in March!! YAY!!

    So, I have two questions for you...First, what day in March is it supposed to come out? Second, Where can I buy it? I know it is coming out as an ebook, but I didn't see it up on Amazon.

    Good luck with the publishing of the following books, I look forward to reading them!!