Friday, June 1, 2012

The Joy that is Goodreads

I have eighty-two fans on Goodreads. This is awesome and slightly confusing since I only have fifty-three fans on my blog, thirty-five on Twitter, and I have no idea how many on Facebook (I can't figure out the interface). So I'm less than totally unknown! Woot!

I like Goodreads. It's a highly dangerous place to be with all its recommendations and the easy ability to spend way too much money instantly downloading them all. Periodically I like to go randomly through people's lists and go "Hey, I read this" *rate*. Makes for better recommendations from the site, though there are some books I don't want to publicly admit I like and have read multiple times *CoughKimDare'sDuckCough*. Plus, I often just slap stars on a book because I don't always feel like writing actual reviews. I'm lazy that way. I have also decided that I'm not going to write any bad reviews or put less than three stars on a book. If I didn't like it, I just won't rate it. I get all sad when people write bad reviews on my work, so I won't do that to anyone else. I'll just rant about them to my husband like I usually do. He's used to it. ;p

The reason I bring all of this up, other than my attempt to have more content on this site and the fact that I've been meaning to plug Goodreads for a while now, is the fact that in the last couple of days I've received some invites to join certain author groups on Goodreads. This is all flattering and nice, but so far, I've been invited to groups for authors I haven't actually heard of before.

I don't want anyone who sends me these to think I'm snubbing them or anything for not joining, but I haven't heard of these authors before. That said, I am checking them out. So yay, more to read!

BTW, if anyone felt like making a Goodreads Group for me, I wouldn't mind. >.>

In writing news, still plugging away at THE OMEGA and working on a short called Coyote Paper. Mostly I'm just lazing around. It's been a long week.

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