Monday, June 18, 2012

My kingdom for a tax expert!!

Well, maybe not my kingdom, but certainly my eternal gratitude.

I'm trying to figure out the IRS tax forms to basically set myself up so that I don't have to pay US taxes on the income I get for anything I publish through Smashwords. Canada will be sucking enough tax out of me all by itself, thanks.

So, I've got the pretty letter from Smashwords that I'm supposed to attach to my W-7 form thing. Unfortunately, my brain blew up in my skull and is currently leaking out my ears and over my keyboard.

I'm not actually expecting help, but it would be really nice if I had a reader who's maybe a USA tax expert that can tell me if I screwed this up as badly as I think I have. Winces of sympathy would also be good.

Okay, whining over. Thanks for listening.  :p

*goes back to trying to figure out what a treaty article number is...*


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