Friday, July 27, 2012

New Character Art

This one took a long time. One, because I have bronchitis and can't do much of anything for very long at all, and two, because I have a horrid time painting skin tones and redid the whole colour painting about four times.

Here's Leon and Ril, pretty close to how I see them in my head. Just me trying to improve my art.

CALLED is past the 45,000 word mark, by the way. Slow but steady.


  1. Hi -- Did you create this using a Wacom tablet? If so, how impressive! I've got one of those and haven't devoted enough time to it. My stick figures are a lot of fun, though. Don't know why, but I always thought Leon was blond ... Congrats on the new publishing opportunities coming your way. Can't wait to read the next installments of the Sylph series. Feel better soon. --Nikki

    1. Um, he is blond. I'm just incompetent. Painting blond hair that doesn't come out yellow is hard!

    2. And yes, that was a wacom tablet. I love it.

    3. I just re-read my note. I'm such a doofus. I hope you don't think I was criticizing your character art. Please don't think so because your artwork is amazing.

      I just read The Hob on your recommendation. Lovely book, but then, Patricia Briggs' writing is spectacular. Ever read anything by Mercedes Lackey? -- Nikki

    4. I have. I've never been able to get into her novels, but I love her short stories. My favourite short story of all time is by her. "Last of the Season" I think it's called.