Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Writing Process

I had a reader ask some interesting questions in the comments on my last post, so I thought I'd answer them here.

I'd love to read more of your writing. Bring it! Know what else? I'm curious about your writing process. Do you write on your lunch hours? After work? Weekends only? Do you write longhand, then transcribe everything? Even when you don't feel inspired, do you make yourself sit down and write? I'm an unpublished writer and it always interests me how authors bring their stories to life.

Your artistic/creative abilities are astonishing. Thanks for sharing. --Mudpiequeen

As for when I write, it depends on my mood/where I am/what's happening. I don't write on my lunch hour much because I get interrupted a lot and I'm usually trying to destress then. I'm more likely to write when I get to work (which is early due to car pooling) and afterwards when I'm waiting to get picked up. I'll also write in the evening at home and on weekends. I type my books into my little mac air which is portable as all get out, so it goes everywhere with me.

I do a combination of longhand and typing. I type books because otherwise it takes too friggin' long to finish one. I longhand write my short stories and novellas. That's because I enjoy the process of physically writing something down and because by using two separate techniques to write, I seem to get less writer's block on each.

If I don't feel inspired, I don't do a thing. >.> I'm bad that way, but I do have a full time job, so I do need my down time. Plus I find that trying to force it doesn't work very well for me. That said, if the break is going on too long, then I will sit down and try to make it work. Mostly, if I'm stuck on the book, I'll write a short story. If I'm stuck on a short story, I'll write a book.

I also tend not to write flat out. I'll write a little, then read a little, then write a little, then watch an episode of Sherlock or something, then write a little, then raid the fridge, then write a little, then web surf, then write a little, then draw something.... you get the idea.

BTW, here's the finished Daleas, in clothes and thanks to my husband's encouragement, in  colour as well.

I'll have to remember the technique of drawing the full figure and then drawing the armour overtop on a separate layer. It worked really well. I had to use some references though, sadly. Folds suck.


  1. A saddle eh? ;)

    *cough* On a more realistic note, the folds don't suck too much and I'm surprised you don't write flat out. I bet you do when the muse strikes hard.

    1. Thanks on the comment on the folds. :) And yes, a saddle. He has a friend who rides him. ;p Ren is the next character I'm likely to draw.

      I do write flat out sometimes, but very rarely. I get distracted really easily.

  2. Thanks for your thoughtful response. Your process sounds like mine! Whatever you're doing, it works. --Mudpiequeen