Saturday, February 25, 2012

Book cover idea

I still hate the last image, but Jan gave some good advice in the comments and she gave me an idea. If there's one thing I can draw, it's animals.

Here's what I've got now. It's rough. I work digitally, so I do a rough scribble in one layer, then a sketch overtop that's still pretty loose on another, then a detailed drawing over both of those on a third layer. Then I paint that. This is at the stage of sketch.  It's Claw and Rachel from V is for Victory. I've tried to incorporate both bear and cat, though at the moment he looks more cat than bear. He'll have very thick bear like fur in the painting. If it works. When I draw animals, I often use these schleich toys I collect as references. Makes it really easy to mix up different animals together to form a new one.

Any comments would be welcome.

I suppose I should include writing news, since this is a writing blog... >.>  One of my books, FINDING THE CHOSEN, is being assessed at a major publishing company right now, so hopefully I'll soon have a sale.

Oh! By the way, there are three sylphs in the last picture.  Honest.


  1. Congratulations!! What is it about? Will not matter I will buy it!! Need my L.J. fix!!

  2. Nice job! You've got a good proportion going on between Rachel and Claw. You say "more cat than bear". I'm wondering if it's the stripes that make you say that. If you picture him without the stripes I think you'll see you've got the body right. You've got the hulking shoulders of a bear and I think the muzzle is very bear-like as well. I see a longer and more narrow muzzle, so I think 'bear' right away. I like him! It'll be fun to see the finished product ('cause fur and markings are the fun part).
    Speaking of which--do keep us informed on the other projects while we wait for more sylphs.

  3. Love the cover! and I REALLY hope you have a sale! YAY! CONGRATS and GOOD LUCK!

  4. Yippee on FINDING THE CHOSEN! Love Claw and Rachel cover. I especially like Claw's face. Even in just the sketch form you see the childlike vulnerability of Claw in the animal's features; which juxtaposed to the hulking mass of the animal is touching.

    Hey! I just found the third Sylph. I love that he is all fuzzy and has a bit of a wild child look to him. :)

  5. @Jan - Totally agree with everything you said.

    Without the stripes on Claw's face, he would look like a bear. The ears are also a giveaway to a feline.

    You can almost see Claw walking with that rolling grace of all cats, just by observing his shoulders from your sketch.

    Very realistic, can't wait to see the finished product. I knew you'd be the best for your own front cover! After all, it is your imagination that created Claw so you can best visualise him for untalented readers like me!!!!

    Third sylph? Possibly Razz in Rachel's lap but IDK, could be wrong.

    BTW, will you release a synopsis/excerpt from "Finding the Chosen" if it is green lighted??