Tuesday, February 14, 2012

U is for Undone

It's a complete accident that I ended up posting this on Valentine's Day. Heh. Hope you enjoy it!

 Solie finished the week’s audience with a sigh, tired and restless for all that the audiences went well. It just felt as if she’d been doing nothing but meeting with people from within the Valley and without, listening to their entreaties and requirements and handing down her judgements. She didn’t mind the work. It was her duty and she accepted that, but sometimes it felt as if it were draining her and she only wanted to get away. 
 She walked to the back of the throne room, where a door was built flush with the wall and indistinguishable from it to those who didn’t know it was there. Her battle sylph guards followed her as she pushed on the side of the door and it opened smoothly and silently to show a corridor beyond, one kept clean and simple in contrast to the opulence of the throne room. It led to similarly simple offices belonging to her and the members of her Council. Opulence wasn’t a requirement back here, where the majority of the administration of the Valley was done. It was kept clean and spartan instead, with the walls themselves as angular as the earth sylphs could bring themselves to make them.
 Solie didn’t pay more than a glance to the closed door into her office. She certainly had work to do, but definitely no desire. Not now. She felt itchy and uncomfortable, tight in her body and distracted. She frowned at the door and continued on, headed to the very end of the wide corridor, where a set of stairs led up.
 Her guards left her at the bottom of the stairs. They accompanied her in the throne room and even in her office, as well as wherever she went outside, but she drew the line at them following her into her apartment without a very good reason. There was only one sylph allowed free range in there and Solie took the stairs two at a time, her skirts held up so she wouldn’t trip over them. Skirts weren’t mandatory in the Valley for women, but she liked the feel of them swirling around her legs. 

 Most of the time she did, at any rate. Now they felt constrictive and the minute the door at the top of the stairs closed behind her, Solie stripped off her robes of office, dropping them over the arm of a chair as she crossed the room, undoing the laces of her dress. It slithered down her body and off and she turned her head from side to side so she could feel the luxurious wealth of her red hair against the skin of her back while she undid the knot that closed the wrap which held her breasts. They came free with a sigh of relief and she pushed her smallclothes down and off as she headed towards the gardens, as bare as the day she was born. 
 Doors unique to the Valley in that they were made of pure glass led out onto the lush grass of her walled garden, the roses in full bloom and scenting the air as she took a deep breath and stretched her hands over her head, turning in place and feeling the soft breeze against her skin.
 She felt the thud of Heyou’s boots hitting the ground near to her and completed her turn, her arms behind her head and her breasts outthrust as she smiled at her battler. She hadn’t needed to call him. He could feel her emotions as well as she did, regardless of the distance between them, and he’d known what she wanted. 
 He rose from his crouch, his eyes never leaving hers as he came towards her. Between the first and second step, he shifted to his cloud form, letting himself be intangible so that his clothing fell to the ground. Between the third and fourth, he was in human shape again, as naked as she, his length already erect and straining for her.
 She stepped into his arms, feeling his arms go around her as his mouth dropped to press against hers. Her breasts pushed against him, and she felt the sudden burn of her need all the way down to the core of her sex.
 She wanted to get away, wanted away from this place that she loved so much but that sometimes pushed her down with its needs and responsibilities. She wanted to be free, to be wild, to be able to let everything go.
 Heyou understood, just as he’d always understood. He balanced her and supported her, but he was always her opposite, the wild thing that even she couldn’t tame. She’d have him no other way and she sighed as his arms went around her and her s curved about his neck. She didn’t have to tell him what she wanted. He knew. 
Heyou’s mouth brushed kisses against the side of her throat, his hands flat and warm against her spine, and with a breath of a laugh, they were in the air, her battler carrying her up and away from her home and kingdom and sometimes, what felt to be her prison.  He took his natural form to do so, but even as she lay within him in the darkness of his warmth, she felt his touch all around her, a hundred hands on her flesh that all belonged to him, all cherishing her.
They flew for a time, fast and high, and then he was descending, and as her heart leaped up into her throat at the feel of it, he shifted again, his arm around her waist and his long, dark hair tangling with her red, a shadow against her flame as he landed them both on the ground.
They were atop a plateau beyond the edge of the Shale Plains, surrounded by green with moss thick as a bed on the ground they stood upon. A warm breeze tickled across her bare skin and the music of the birds filled their ears, singing of love and life and want.
Solie pulled Heyou to her and kissed him again, his head tilted to the side and his mouth warm and wet against hers. She kept her eyes closed, her hands flat against his cheeks as she just kissed him, feeling every inch of his soft lips and the tip of his tongue slipping against hers. He drew her tongue into his mouth, sucking on it as he brought his hands up along her hips and side, to stroke the swell of her breasts and cup their weight, his thumbs curving to press against her hard nipples and send her rising up on her toes with a gasp. That broke the connection between their mouths and his arms wrapped around her, pulling her hard and fast against him, breast to chest, hip to hip, his mouth back where it belonged, pressed against hers.
His love flowed through her, and his lust, his utterly masculine desire for her that made the heart of her sex wet and aching for him. She twined her fingers through his long hair, her soft moans the only utterance she could make as she kept kissing him, not wanting to breathe unless it was through him. Not wanting to exist without him. His hands skimmed up her back again and suddenly she felt his energies flow over her, the barest edge of his power sparking across her skin.
The pleasure of it was incredible and her back arched as she cried out. He chuckled and moved his kisses to her neck, the same electricity sparking between his lips and her throat while his hands moved down her back to cup the firm globes of her backside, sparkling with energy that arched across the fine hairs on her skin and - oh gods - down to the lips of her arousal between her legs. 
It was too much, not enough. She wanted more of this, she needed something else. He was close to her, his body flush with hers and his emotions deep in her mind, but he wasn’t close enough, not nearly.
Solie rose up on her toes and hooked her right leg around his body, pulling him against her as hard as she could while she gripped his head and continued with that wondrous, fiery kiss. That pressed the thick, satiny length of him hard against her pelvic bone, and with a groan, he pulled her up enough for it to slip in between the folds of her sex, find her, and pierce deep into the burning core of her.
Solie threw her head back and wailed as Heyou filled her. His breath stuttered against her neck and he pulled her close, his tongue laving the groove at the base of her neck above where her collarbone lay as he began to move, sliding slick wet and burning in and out of her.
It was phenomenal, a direct attack against the tension that had been building in her as she dealt with work and the frustrations that it brought. Heyou thrust into her and every rock of his hips sent a spike of pleasure both of them could feel in the core of her soul. 
She felt his love too, his all consuming desire for her, his passion, his readiness to sacrifice everything he was to her, and that feeling only inflamed Solie’s passions higher. She clung to her lover, no longer able to tell whether she was herself or if she was him as his love and lust filled her as surely as his phallus did, one feeding the ache of her body, the other the needs of her soul.
They moved together, burning with heat, kissing, loving, and Solie felt the bliss in her coiling into a knot in her belly that drew in every last bit of tension, every doubt and random thought, everything in fact but her indomitable love for the being that held her, and then that knot undid itself and exploded outwards in a wave of pure pleasure that shocked her to her toes.
Solie cried out again, her entire body quivering, and Heyou held her through the wave of her climax, his hips moving against her once, twice, three more times before he followed her into pleasure that her empathy let her feel as a renewal of her own joy. 
Exhausted and satiated, the two lovers slumped to the soft moss below them, a smile on both their lips as they pressed them together in another, lingering kiss.


  1. Very hot :D I love that they can feel one another through the empathic bond. I would imagine it increases sensation phenomenally.

  2. Aww. Thank you very much, LJ, well worth the wait!