Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Y is for Yellow

I can't believe this is all I could come up with for yellow....

“Yellow is the colour
Of your slinky tongue...”
“Tongues aren’t yellow,” Heyou said helpfully.
“Can tongues be slinky?” Dillon asked.
Blue sighed and tried again.
“Yellow is the colour 
Of your tiny teeth.”
“I thought you wanted to write her a poem, not get her to murder you.”
Blue sighed and threw down his rather battered piece of parchment and quill. Both of them immediately fell over the side of the ledge the three battlers were sitting on. It was debatable which would get to the ground a hundred feet below first. Blue morosely watched them fall.
“Why does poetry have to be so hard?” he asked. “All I want to do is write her a loving poem about her favourite colour.”
“Maybe you’re putting too much effort into it,” Dillon said. “Why not just bring her something, like maybe yellow flowers?”
“Nuh uh. I’m not getting her anything she can turn around and hit me with.”
“Poetry’s easy,” Heyou assured him. “All you have to do is make it rhyme.” He stood up on the narrow ledge and cleared his throat.
“When I see you, lover,
I can barely hack
How yellow is the colour
Of the stripe upon my back.
It’s too bad you hate purple, 
For that colour is the best
For I am such a pansy
And an utter wretched mess.”
Blue pushed him off the ledge.
“Well,” Dillon said after a long moment. “At least it rhymed.”
Blue shoved him off too.


  1. LOL! I loved it. So cute. I can see the guys sitting there.Fantastic job! I am so sad...only one more...

  2. That was hilarious! I started laughing and drinking my coffee at the same time, so now I have hiccups and my boss keeps giving me weird looks.

    @C.A.Szarek - I know, *sad face* but on the plus side, LJ said she might compile all the snippets together into one volume.

    Fingers X'ed.

    BTW, "Queen" arrived this morning so now I will be ble to solve the mystery of Rachel's conception...

  3. I will be compiling the whole alphabet into an e-book, and god help me, I'll even do the cover. *sob* That'll be free.

    I also talked to my agent and I will be doing the 99 cent novella as well. I have no ETA on either. I have to edit and paint and all, and figure out what I'm doing. ;p

  4. Thanks, LJ! Don't panic about the cover, it's bound to be awesome.

    An e-book and novella?! *squeeeeeeeeeeeeee*