Friday, February 3, 2012

Random Ramblings

R is coming tomorrow as I'm tired, relaxed (thanks to half a bottle of wine that's leading to way too much backspacing), and both uninspired and unwilling to just belt something crappy out and post it. Long story short, I have no idea what R stands for. No, I'm not writing this out beforehand. when you see it is about two minutes after I finish it.

The half bottle of wine making my typing bad is being compounded by my cat sitting in my lap so I'm twisted in my seat and typing on the arm of my chair. Damn you, Fearless.

I appreciate everyone who likes the sylph soup series and is telling me so. I don't really go looking on the web for reviews as I'm a pansy assed wheenie who gets depressed when she reads a bad review, so I'm thrilled by your positive comments. First thing I do when I wake up in the morning is check my mail for comments. I must be in a different time zone from my readers because I seem to get most of my fan mail in the middle of the night.

When I'm not writing snippets, I'm slowly working my way through the fourth book of my unsold Cuckoo series, which, like all its predecessors, is like pulling teeth. I like it, but oy! is it fighting me.

No news on the publishing of the next two books of the sylph series, which are written. I know exactly why they haven't been bought and what's happening, but I won't say why. To do so would be a breach of confidentiality and I'm so much against that my totem animal is the chickadee.  Suffice to say I have no bloody idea when they're coming out and I'm nearly as annoyed as all of you.

I'm trying to get other novels in other series published, as I refuse to only write books in one universe, but one thing I've learned is that the publishing industry is a glacial one. When I know anything, you will, but my agent is currently farming the following:

3 novel fantasy series
1 novel young adult
7 novel romantic fantasy series (that I haven't actually written yet. Unless said otherwise, the others are)
2 novel sylph continuation

I also have, that I haven't tossed at my agent for various reasons from "I should do a rewrite" to "I wrote it longhand and am too lazy to type it":

1 romantic fantasy novel
1 science fiction novel
1 half finished science fiction novel
about twenty short stories and novellas. I think. I'm too lazy to go and count them.

That's all I can think of right now. I'm going to go and wander onto Goodreads and add books to my 'to read' pile. The fact that has so few books as kindle gives me the sad.

Happy Friday to everyone.


  1. I am on the west coast now, so that explains my odd times posting. Plus since I keep a tab open to your blog I hit refresh every so often to see if something new appears.

    1. Well, I know where you live. :)

      Everyone else must live on the coast with you. Except CA Szarek. Her comments I get during the day, usually when I'm at work. My phone beeps and it's either CA or spam...O.o

    2. Oh no...I am in the same category as SPAM!? *gasp* I am in TX. But on the w/ends I work overnight, so that is why mine may be oddly timed. Other than that, I am most likely AM. And I am usually at work, too. ;)

    3. Heh. You're an improvement over the spam. :D

  2. What an overachiever! (But I'm grateful) Just keep doing what you're doing, because it's working. Know what else? I'm amazed that you post about 2 minutes after writing. You must have a fantastic internal editor, but maybe that's what happens after you've written ... like ... a million words. I just re-read The Battle Sylph and loved it as much as the first time. After the first reading I thought Solie was the main character, but now I'm not so sure. Who do you consider that to be? Leon? Heyou?

    1. I wouldn't post so fast on anything getting published. I do a lot of editing for those. But these really are short little snippets, so they're easy. Plus by this point I've had a lot of experience at editing.

      Solie and Heyou are the main characters in the first book since everything is because of them, but I write in so many characters it's not just about them. Leon, Ril, and Lizzy are the mains for the second book. The third? I honestly can't say for that one. It really brings in a lot of characters.

  3. I'm really slow, y'know. I was planing to write it almost year ago, but get distracted...
    Sooo, Battle Sylph get published in Poland almost year ago. I was seriously happy about it, and I already have it on my bookcase, but what I mean to write is... I totaly "facepalmed" when saw cover. You know, I absolutely fall in love with orginal cover, because guy on it is sooo hot [;)] I don't know if you saw it already, but here's link:
    It's kind of pretty, I think, and got this "fantasy" vibe running, but in first moments get me thinking really hard from where they get idea for this picture.
    And title... well, I suspect that you don't know polish, so the title is a bit turned around - because "Walka Sylfa" means "The Battle of Sylph" and many other things get so turned around that I facepalmed almost all the time reading it :)
    I always knew that polish translations are tragic, really, but that version get me laughing so hard, that I really don't mind it :)

    1. I'm published in Polish?????

      Wah! I want a copy!!!! *squeals like a schoolgirl*

      I knew it was picked up in German and there were talks about it coming out in French, but I didn't know about the Polish. Thanks for letting me know.

      I have actually seen that cover before, but I didn't know what language it was in. I don't have copies of any of my foreign language versions. I have no idea where they got the idea for that either.

      'The battle of sylph".... *giggle*

    2. All the pleasure on my side ;)

      Well, I must tell, that when on of my friends informed me that BS is geting published in our country - because, I was writing and recommending it on one forum, where we gather people who love that kind of books and can read in english - and send me link to photo of cover - in first few seconds I was all: "WTF?," then I looked at cover of "Elantris" by B.Sanderson [one of my beloved books] - and, well, they look similiar. If I didn't know better - because this two books get published by two othres publishing hauses - I would think that they decided to go easier way.
      And still I prefer english version... seriously, this guy is so hot, and he's all Heyou to me :)

      Well, if looking closely, this "battle of sylph" is really minor in comparison to that that in polish, battlers aren't battlers anymore, but warriors... and many, many other funny things.
      But I laughed really, really hard when saw, that they translated names. Because, you know, not all of english words have polish counterparts. So now Tempest is Huragan [hurricane], and Mace is Maczuga[club] *facepalm*.
      I really have no idea what was translator thinking XD
      Y'know, I plan to work with translation in future, after I finish school - so something like that is really facepalm worthy to me.

    3. I like the sound of Maczuga! That's cool! *grin*

      I might have to use Polish for name inspiration, I think.

  4. I am amazed that you have soooo much going on as far as works in progress, but that is awesome. I am not that diverse, myself. ;)

    1. Most of them aren't works in progress, actually. I've been writing for twenty-five years. That makes for quite the backlog. But until I got published, I wrote them and shelved them. I'm only starting the edit the old stuff now.

      I only have one book and one novella in progress right now. And the sylph soup series, of course.