Monday, January 16, 2012

C is for Cold

(By the way, I really appreciate the comments on these snippets. Thanks)

     It had been snowing all day, just as it had been snowing all week, and the cold was bitter.
     Airi didn’t feel that. Cold didn’t mean anything to her, but the winds came from the northern glaciers and when they reached the bluff the community built its home inside, they swirled the snow in wild patterns she wouldn’t see again once they moved south in the spring.
     Airi danced in the erratic winds, along with a half dozen other air sylphs, diving and darting over and around each other, and it was wonderful. Claw floated by, dark and ominous in his natural form while he guarded the bluff, and they swept around him in play. He flinched and darted away as the air sylphs laughed.
     It was wonderful, so utterly glorious. She lost track of time until she finally noticed someone trudging his way through the thick snow, masked in a heavy fur cloak as he made his way to the edge of the bluff.
     Airi left the other sylphs and darted down to him.What are you doing out here? she asked.
     Devon peered up at her from out of the cowl of his cloak, squinting against the snow and with white already frosting his hair and beard.
     “I c-came to k-keep you company,” he stammered.
     Airi laughed in absolute delight and danced around her master.


  1. I just wanted to say that I'm really loving these snippets.

    I hope everything works out with the sale of your next book (I read your previous comment), I look forward to reading it!

  2. Awwwwww. Devon was always such a sweetheart! I hope we get to learn more about what happened to him in Meridal. (And that was a subtle way to say I want MORE Sylph books published. Way more. Tons more. *grin* Good luck getting the sale!)

  3. I really really love it! Have loved Devon from the start and I really hope we get to see his story!

    I always wondered about the other female sylphs...we know the male ones love, and have a sex drive and all that...other than the queen, do the females want to...? Just curious. Poor things seem left out. ;)

  4. Ever since Devon left to advise the new queen, I found myself missing him and Airi as re-read the novels. This was a nice surprise. A wonderful snaprshot into their mundane, everday life, and beautiful glimpse into their bond. Thanks for sharing with your fans!


  5. Devon and Airi are central in book four, if I can ever get it out.

    I am planning to write snippets from the POV of the elemental sylphs. I just haven't hit a letter that will really showcase one yet. I think I'll try and do one from each type of sylph's POV. Hrm...