Thursday, January 26, 2012


There won't be any alphabet soup today as I'm too tired to put a good effort into it. It's been a long week. I've had a tire blow out on the highway, misplaced my wallet, and burned myself fumbling a cup of coffee. I am going to bed.

Tomorrow will be L for Lift and it will star everyone's apparently favourite baby battle sylph, who at least is having a worse day than I am. :p

BTW, I have an author account on Goodreads now. How the hell six sylph books got listed there I have no idea. The sixth one isn't even written!

I do desperately want a copy of the foreign language ones, even if the covers make no sense to me.


  1. Geesh, are you okay? (Tire blow out...hope no one was hurt...) Sux about coffee burn. Did you find your wallet? Hope so. Hope you're having sweet dreams right now! YAY! I love nameless baby battler! I have a goodreads acct, I will add you immediately! :) Looking forward to tomorrow and L is for Lift! (I posted my "B" on my blog and I am on letter G as far as writing is concerned) Have a good day tomorrow!

  2. I also hope you found your wallet, (usually in the last place I look), and sorry to hear about the tyre - spares are so expensive esp. in the New Year.

    Love reading these snippets esp those featuring baby battler and his sisters, he's so adorable.

    Have a good weekend and plenty of sleep!

  3. Hope the next week will be better for you. I totally understand how cool it would be to have your own books on your shelves in a language you can't even read!

  4. I'm doing better. Still tired. I did find my wallet. I'd just left it at work, which meant I didn't have it when I blew out the tire. At least I had a fully charged phone or I would have been truly screwed. :)