Friday, January 27, 2012

L is for Lift

His sisters were impossible!
He’d brought them food. He had. He’d carried them blades of the green stuff that stuck out of the ground and the hard, splintery stuff that the whatever-they-weres with the two legs cut into pieces, and even the soft brown stuff that the four legged things dropped behind them. But no, none of that was good enough for his stuck up sisters.
Their indignant peeping chasing behind him, the baby battler headed back into the town. He hated this! He should be conquering the world right now! Hungry and frustrated, he shoved a half dozen tentacles into his mouth and sucked on them as he flitted around the cottages and between the slats of various fences. He’d find his sisters food, then he’d beat them to death with it for being annoying, then he’d take a nap, and then he’d take over the world.
His plan fully in mind, he was distracted by something large, black, and familiar appearing in the sky over him, headed rapidly towards the cottage he was approaching. A battle sylph! An enemy! 
The baby raced after him, intent upon battle.
Blue headed eagerly to his master’s cottage. It had been hours since he’d touched her and he could feel Casi’s desire. She lusted desperately for him.
Okay, maybe she didn’t lust desperately for him, but she was filled with desire for his presence.
Okay, maybe she wasn’t filled with desire for him, but it was the lure of her needs that drew him from his duty to be with her.
Okay, maybe she wasn’t filled with desire for him at just this second, but she was never loathe to have a mid afternoon tumble.
Okay, maybe she was loathe, but she’d give in to some heartfelt begging, wouldn’t she?  She had to. He hadn’t had sex since before breakfast!
He dove in through the open window of the kitchen, where she’d just set two pies on the windowsill to cool, and shifted shape to human. There he discovered to his delight that she was in fact willing to accept his advances.
Either that or she figured it was the quickest way to get rid of him for a while, but Blue wasn’t picky.
The baby battler followed Blue to the open window and rose up to peer between the two pies and see Blue and Casi doing something lewd right on top of the kitchen table. It seemed to involve a lot of writhing and moaning.
He had no idea what they were doing.
Well, he couldn’t attack now! Not when the other battler was already involved in combat. He blew a raspberry at them both that went ignored and let his attention drift to the two pies.
Was it food? It was smelly and hot and just the right size to whack a sister with! Ecstatic, the baby grabbed one of them with his tentacles - minus the ones he kept wedged in his mouth - and lifted it mightily off the windowsill.
He promptly plummeted pie first to the ground below.
A raspberry echoed up. Absorbed in each other, Blue and Casi didn’t notice.
Heavily pie stained, the baby floated back up, flaring his aura and sucking his tentacles. He glared at the second pie and braced himself better as he lifted it up and dropped down again. This time, however, he was ready and didn’t end up embedding himself in the middle of the thing. Blowing a raspberry in triumph, he sucked on his tentacles and started to drag the pie, tin and all, across the ground and back to his ungrateful sisters.
“That was wonderful,” Blue sighed, staring up at the ceiling.
“Easy for you to say,” Casi grumbled. “You don’t have a splinter in your butt.”
She didn’t sound mad, so Blue didn’t worry. His Casi was a woman of frequent moods after all. He continued to smile at the ceiling as she sat up on the table, grumbling, and looked towards her fresh baked pies.
Her scream nearly put him straight through the ceiling.
“My pies!” she shrieked. “Someone stole my pies!”
“Um,” Blue said, pretty sure this was about to become his fault.
Casi glared at him. “What kind of battle sylph are you? They stole my pies while you were five feet away!”
“I was distracted?”
Her face turned red with fury and then white in horror. He hadn’t realized a human could change colour that fast. “They...gods, what if they saw us? What if they saw me? I’m naked!”
“I’m sure they were overwhelmed by your beauty,” Blue assured her.
It was the wrong thing to say.  “Get my pies!” she screamed.


  1. I hope your feeling better after yesterday!

    It is so cute how he wants to take over the world. Enjoyed seeing Blue again too.

  2. I feel the need to draw something now, Lori. I think you'll like it.

  3. I love it. I laughed and I fell even deeper in love with the baby battler. Can't wait to see more.

  4. He's so funny! I think his sisters should give him a hug for effort!!