Saturday, January 14, 2012

A is for Allowed

(Here's hoping the typo faerie doesn't strike....)
     Blue still couldn’t believe it was really true. 
     He was here, in this strange, harmless world, bound to a woman who felt like a Queen to him, and despite how there was a hive, he wasn’t nameless in it.
     “We’re allowed to do whatever we want?” he asked, staring around at everything and still amazed by all of it.
     “Yup,” Heyou said, grinning. “Anything.”
     Blue turned his head to look at him. He felt light-headed, drunk, stunned. “We can belong to females of our own?”
     “Absolutely. That’s one of the best parts.”
     “And change shape to whatever we like?”
     “Sure. I recommend ‘handsome man’. That one’s always popular. It’s way better than ‘giant eyeball’ or ‘multi-armed snake creature. Just ask Dillon.”
     “And we don’t have to worry that the Queen will reject us?”
     Heyou shook his head. “Solie would never do that.” He raised a finger. “Mind you, she won’t sleep with you. You have your own master now for that.”
     “So we protect this valley now?”
     “Yep.” Heyou was starting to look bored. “We really are free here, you know. We really are.”
     “So I can kill any man I want?”
     “Uh, no.” He frowned. “We’re not allowed to do that.” The grin returned. “But the rest of it makes up for it!”


  1. Love this! When is the next Sylph book coming out?

  2. LOVE IT! :) Heyou is soooo my fave! Looking forward to more. :)

  3. Great piece! Looking forward to the next book.

  4. I'm happy everyone is enjoying this so much. I am too. It lets me get into little details and minor characters who don't fit into the books well.

    As for the next book, it'll come out after I sell it. :( There are some issues I'm not at liberty to discuss holding back any sales. It's not that no one wants to, mind you. It's just not happening right now.