Saturday, January 21, 2012

Some of my art

I've updated the MY ART page on this blog if anyone is interested, and enabled comments at the bottom. Hopefully I won't end up regretting that. :D I have a link to my deviant art site there too, if anyone wants to see the rest of them or these ones at full size.

I've tried to say that some of them are for sale as prints three times and backspaced because it feels pretentious of me. Damn it! Some are up for sale! There, I said it! *hides*

Here, have a tree.


  1. This is gorgeous! You made me laugh when you mentioned the sale and running and hiding. This is your blog! can self-promote all you want. :)

  2. Oh, I know it's stupid, but I've always been that way. I really meant it when I said before it was my husband's fault I got published. Plus this isn't a site about art, so I don't want to annoy anyone just interested in the books.