Wednesday, January 25, 2012

K is for Killer

I didn't actually expect to get back to this little idiot so soon, but the next few letters actually fit.... so here he is again! The Deadliest Battle Sylph of them all (tm) 

     His sisters were hungry. 
     Wedged inside a crack in a thick fence post, the two elemental sylphs peeped demandingly at their brother. The baby battler roared and flailed his tentacles at the outside of the post, but they were insistent. They wanted food. They had no idea what qualified as food, but they still expected him to provide it. He didn’t know what qualified as food. That didn’t seem to matter either. They’d decided it was his duty to feed them and they would be happy with nothing less.
     The baby battler blew a final raspberry at them both and turned, heading out on his quest for something edible. It was annoying. He was a battle sylph, he should be conquering this place, not acting as an errand sylph to a couple of whiners. The fact that he was hungry too was irrelevant. He was strong!
     The baby headed unnoticed along the fence line and into the town, gliding along just above the ground and glaring out of the shadows he passed through at the various humans and animals. Were they food? He passed behind two men labouring to load a cart with sacks of grain, went around a pile of firewood, and behind a heavy barrel.
     There, he came face to face with a beast of evil eye and sharp claw, easily as big as he was. For a second the baby froze, recognizing a fellow killer, and then with a roar of challenge, he hurled himself without hesitation into his very first combat.
     One of the carters lifted his head. “What’s that noise?” he asked.
     The other carter shrugged. “Cat fight.”
     “One of those cats sounds sick.” 
     They kept on loading the cart.
     He was triumphant! Victorious, the baby watched the tomcat leap up onto the barrel and proceed to lick itself as if it hadn’t just been defeated in glorious battle. The baby blew a raspberry at it and continued on his way, confident in his supremacy.


  1. It's like every little raspberry he blows is him saying "So there! I'm awesome!"

    I want to hug him. :D


    He's so cute and fierce. I doubt I'll be able to hear my cats fighting now without thinking of 'Killer'

  3. LOVE. I laughed. I wanted to say, "Poor kitty" but I was grinning too hard. Great! Can't wait for more!

  4. Love your Sylphs! Can't wait for more! :)

  5. Oh my gosh, I LOVE him!!! please write more. So, no one noticed that they made it into the valley?

  6. No one noticed them because their auras are so pitifully weak. :) It's actually canon (luckily for me...)

    I'm glad everyone likes the baby so much. I never expected him to be so popular!